Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Oh my aching back, teeth, et al...!" (1.31.2012)

So here’s the joke: I’m minding my own business on Monday morning having just parked my car in the parking ramp. I get out of the car, hoist my laptop case from the front seat and plant it firmly on the ground. I lean down (by all accounts, leaning at about a 30 degree angle) and gently pull up the telescoping handle so I can roll it inside the building and BAM! – my lower back just spasms and rearranges itself inside my body. So weird. So cause and effect of NOTHING. What am I, 80??? When I tell my sad story to my colleagues and imitate the little shuffling movement that I should have been making in the parking ramp after my injury, they are appropriately sympathetic through their tears of laughter.

Today, the first email I open is from the health clinic at work. I send it to my colleagues….

My colleague sends me the name of her chiropractor...

Other non-back-related jokes from the same group of rapscallions:

One day about 4 years ago, I was sitting at my desk eating a salad. I bit into an innocent piece of lettuce and my front took cracked and fell out. P a n i c - s t r i c k e n, I ran to the dentist in tears not knowing if he could fix it or if I would always look like I came from the Ozarks. Not too much later (after my successful dental implant surgery...), my sympathetic colleagues gave me the tribute below. I have held onto it for 4 years. We repurpose it as necessary to keep the dream of laughter in the workplace alive. (And NO, this is not my picture, but close enough...:-)

Special thanks to Kathleen and Janet for keeping me laughing even when my back or my teeth fall apart!