Monday, January 16, 2012

"Rare Sighting in Plymouth!" (1.16.2012)

Meet Faelyn and Ginger. Around our house, we call this The Two-Headed Fat Cat. It is rare indeed. On the right is Faelyn. Faelyn is what Sam and I call our "special needs kitty". She is a cat that we adopted from the Humane Society about eight years ago. She looks more like a bobcat than anything else and it wasn't until we adopted her and took her to the Vet that the Vet told us that Faelyn was feral. We didn't really understand what the implications of "feral" meant, but after a few years of not being able to pick her up and noticing that the only time we could pet her was when she was under the bed, we got it. Ginger is on the left. Ginger never met a wall, a person, or a shoe that she wouldn't snuggle with. Ginger is what I call my "typical" kitty. Very outgoing. Think "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Ginger is the loud cousin with the big hair and the cleavage in the hideous blue bridesmaid's dress. That's Ginger. Faelyn is more like "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". Somehow over the years (about five together) they seem to have adopted the best qualities of the other one. In Faelyn's case, we always say that Ginger "modeled" appropriate kitty behavior for Faelyn. Faelyn just had no idea. I've always thought it was extra fascinating that it was Sam who picked out Faelyn in a building filled with 80 other purring, friendly cats. He clearly saw something in Faelyn. She was the only one who was sitting at the top of the cat tree -- about 6' up -- and glowering down at us with these big black eyes. The family joke is that despite the glower and the look that said "I double-dawg-dare you to adopt me", we did. And somehow, we've made it all work.