Friday, January 13, 2012

Things You Should Know About Me Before You Read Further...(1.13.2012)

1. I have a secret crush on Robert whats-his-name from Twilight.

2. I split martiinis with my friends. Sometimes I "split them with myself". Like tonight.

3. I am a contrarian. All day I kept thinking Friday the 13th was a state of mind. Wrong!

4. I have actually started running again. I need to say a few words about this: In 2009, I went skiing, crossed my ski tips like a dope and tore my ACL (left knee). Ouch. Lots of drinking, crutches and no time on the slopes for a week and I came back home to: 1) a $1,200 medical bill for "out-of-network services", 2) a new pair of crutches, and 3) a breast cancer diagnosis only three weeks later. Part of "putting me back together" (see "I Love My Plastic Surgeon"...) is getting my knee back in one piece. The only thing -- theoretically -- that stands between me and "I'm gonna make a comeback" is one more surgery to repair my knee. So I digress. Anyway, despite my wonky knee which -- if you happen to be a professional football player and you've had a torn ACL--you know that that means your knee is more than happy to bend in any-ol-which-way-direction you have a mind to send it. (Arghhhh. Creepy.)

I've really gotten off the point here, haven't I?

OK, so: running. I've actually been doing this Orange Theory thing and went to class the other night. Usually when I run on the treadmill -- and this is admittedly SO pathetic -- I kind of "hang on" (just plain embarassing) because I don't have a lot of confidence in my wonky knee. But gradually my knee and I have made peace and last Tuesday, I actually just went for it and started running. Look Ma, No Hands! It was an amazing feeling. I was really running and if that wasn't enough, when the class was over and the instructor -- my personal pain-meister, Mike -- started reviewing the HRT results, he made kind of a big deal about the fact that I had spent 40 minutes in the "orange zone" or whatever. It was kind of disorienting. Usually I find myself in situations in life where I think I'm going to be a big achiever and I end up being average. Here was a situation which totally caught me by surprise: He was like "LET ME SHAKE YOUR HAND!" I did the obligatory look over my shoulder like "Who. Me???" So anyway, I learned that 40 minutes at 80 percent of your HRT is not too shabby.

I've really gotten off the point here, haven't I? (One sec: Martini refill. Wait. Maybe I'll go with Diet Coke...)

5. These are all the things I can think of that you should know about me. At least for tonight. I don't want to be TMI or pushy. The only other thing I can think of is that I am spending Sunday and Monday with Sam and I know our agenda includes a tour of Office Depot and frozen yogurt at Freeziac. I will be sure to report on all of it...:-)

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