Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top Ten Memories From Seeing Lion King (1.28.2012)

1. The look on Sam's face during the opening song when he saw the singers, dancers and "animals" coming down the aisles. Priceless!

2. Trying to find our aisle seats which turned out to be non-aisle seats, 2nd row, dead center. Great seats! but impossible to get to.

3. Me as I almost fell trying to hop over the back of the seat for a quick exit. I made enough people laugh that I could have sold my own tickets.

4. The lobster bisque at Seven. Yum!

5. Watching Sam blow through a 14 ounce New York Strip steak like it was a Happy Meal.

6. The crazy theatre attendant who tried to make sure I didn't go downstairs to the men's room with Sam. Huh? (No worries, dude. Got this covered. He knows how to pee on his own and this is not my first bathroom rodeo...)

7. The beautiful snow as we came out of the performance. Cool!

8. Walking down Hennepin with Sam "Daddy-Long-Legs" Taylor and begging him to slow down so I could keep up and threatening to brain him if he didn't. LOL.

9. Waiting outside Seven for about 20 minutes so the valet could get our car and people-watching. It was a show all it's own. Who knew there was an entire universe of young women with perfect figures in perfect suede stillettos (in the snow) who start their evening at 11:15? As Sam said: "Wow."

10. The theatre attendant who took pity on me and let me use the top-secret family bathroom instead of waiting in the line for the Ladies Room for 15 minutes, leaving Sam waiting outside and missing the show. (I was so overcome that I told her: "God Bless You"...)