Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Words. Just Words Today (1.3.2012)

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2012 was to READ more. I've always been a fan of non-fiction and have read my fair share of books. I could just never seem to finish them. I'd have three books going at once and...well, completion was never my strong suit. So a few weeks ago when a friend asked me to join her book club, it got me to thinking how much I enjoy reading. So I should do it. More.

Anyway, there are a few authors that I absolutely love with Nora Ephron being at the top of the list. I decided a few weeks ago that this one passage of hers from "I Remember Nothing" just had to go on my 365 blog. It made me laugh out loud. Did it remind me of myself? Well, maybe just a little. But I can't remember.

Old friends? We must be. You're delighted to see me. I'm delighted to see you. But who are you? Oh, my god, you're Ellen. I can't believe it. Ellen. "Ellen! How are you? It's been -- how long has it been?" I'd like to suggest that the reason I didn't recognize you right off the bat is that you've done something to your hair, but you've done nothing to your hair, nothing that would excuse my not recognizing you. What you've actually done is gotten older. I don't believe it. [THIS IS MY FAVORITE LINE AND REALLY TELLS YOU A LOT ABOUT WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE IN MY HEAD MOST DAYS:]
You used to be my age, and now you're much, much, much older than I am.
You could be my mother. Unless, of course, I look as old as you and I don't know it. Which is not possible. Or is it? I'm looking around the room and I notice that everyone in it looks like someone-- and when I try to figure out who that someone is, it turns out to be a former version of herself, a thinner version or a healthier version or a pre-plastic-surgery version or a taller version. If this is true of everyone, it must be true of me. Mustn't it? But never mind: you are speaking. "Maggie," you say, "it's been so long." "I'm not Maggie," I say. "Oh, my God," you say, "it's you. I didn't recognize you. You've done something to your hair."

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