Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Glorious WFH Day (2.23.2012)

I love working from home (WFH). It appeals to my creative nature. I am lucky enough to have the flexibility of WFH one to two days a week.

When I WFH, there are a couple of things I need to be productive. Part of my routine I guess you could say. At least it's my routine in the winter time and it rules. 
1. Laptop  
NEED my laptop. And a back-up laptop
just in case.

2. Coffee
Need my coffee and or
Peach Diet Snapple.

3. Silly Hair
Must have the silliest hair possible
for a solid WHF day.

4. Fireplace with Silly Cat Attachment
My WFH days would not be complete without the fireplace on and Ginger doing her impersonation of Garfield (sans the pan of lasagna on her tummy).

5. My Fuzzy Pink Kashwere Robe
Yes, I know how to spell cashmere. This is different. It's a brand name for the softest, fuzziest material going*. I don't care whether Oprah liked it or not -- it's one of my favorite things.



Do you WFH?
What are your
favorite things? 

(Leave me a comment and let me know!)



  1. I had a second job up until January - and I worked it from home, at all hours. I loved working in my jammies with no one over my shoulder. The hours became to much (I went 7 days a week, full time job, Rotary and Chamber commitments, part time job) so I finally stopped - I just wish I could wear my jammies to the office.
    I never did have the cool cat or robe, though. I like your style!

  2. *too
    (Don't you hate when you do that!!)

  3. Agree! I worked from home full time in a previous life. That was too much for me -- with or without silly cat, bathrobe...Thanks Maria!