Sunday, February 5, 2012

Arboretum Fever (2.05.2012)

My camera dragged me to The Arboretum yesterday(
A beautiful day for taking pictures,
walking around listening to the snow crunch 
under my Uggs, and being so aware of the quiet that
you can listen to it.

 I spend so much time in an office building that I forget how much I miss being outside, stepping in the mud, and hearing the sounds that remind me that
there are birds in the world.
The Arboretum Main Building

I was really amazed by the detail in this photo. I have a good camera (Nikon D70S) but I was impressed by the detail.
This woodpecker was making the biggest racket!
The angle on this bush reminds me of a peacock.

I was obsessed with this beautiful red barn in the middle of the frozen trees. Took several pictures of it.

My barn. I think I like this photo the best.

I love to take pictures of repeating elements, especially in nature.

View from Rose Garden. Love the frosting on the trees!

Not sure what these are. Just thought they were cool.

Frosted maple leaves.

This fat little bird made me wait and wait to get a picture. I didn't know I had that much patience.

The lone baby pinecone in the snow.

This incredible structure was woven together in the front of the main bulding.

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