Friday, February 17, 2012

Best of Broomball (2.17.2012)

I had an interesting lunch hour at work today. Instead of downloading a salad at my desk, I walked across the street to photograph the company Broomball tournament which has been going on for the past week.

Ball is absolutely far right...

  I work for a large health care company that is headquartered here in Minneapolis. The main campus is spread out over two buildings --soon to be three buildings --- on a rather pretty patch of ground that does a good job of merging commerce with walking paths, woods and a pond separating the two buildings. 

One of the BB teams with my building in the background.

Broomball was such a hit last year, that our facilities people constructed three separate Broomball rinks, complete with benches and bleachers,
so colleagues from all over could get together to face-off and have some fun sliding around on the ice...

Score or ...???
...and channeling a night at Madison Square Garden
(without the high sticks).
There was even a lone security guard on the ice
in case a hockey game broke out. 
Shift change...
(This is actually my favorite type of photo--portrait style)
  I haven't done any sports photography
in a long time.
"The Goalie Is In"...

All I really know about sports photography is
that if your photos are going to be worth anything,
you need a super-fast shutter speed (1/2500 second).

It's a breakaway...
   Oh, and patience and luck
unless you have a camera that will take
multiple frames per second
(I'll have to look into that for next season.) 

Real Broomball Action!

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