Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Case of the Disappearing Bug (2.29.2012)

It is the last (extra) day of February in Minnesota. Traditionally, February is the month that it occurs to one of me (I am a Gemini) to dye my hair blond, cut my hair if it's long, or grow it if it's short -- just to defy the monotony of February.

My hair is already blond so I had to think of something else. As a substitute for my February hair obsession, I am taking pictures of my favorite Bug.
Eight Days Ago Bug: 2.21.2012
Twenty-five Days Ago Bug: 2.4.2012

Today's Bug: 2.29.2012

And here are a few other photos from around the nabe*...
Snow-covered trees outside my house...
Snow-covered trees outside of my doctor's office...
What else -- a snowplow...
And snow, snow, snow while people wait for the bus.

Did I mention that we got a few inches of snow last night?
 *I totally borrowed this word from my pal, Hadley, in a desperate effort to keep up.

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