Sunday, February 12, 2012

Conservatory Glory. With Snacks. (2.12.2012)

Another trip to the Arboretum, another fun day. With temperatures in the teens and the wind blowing at a good clip (Brrrr!)it was a good day
to explore the inside of the Arboretum.
 Sam was determined to see every inch of the place (inside, thank God), so we did. We explored every inch of the first floor of the Oswald Visitor Center, including the MacMillan Auditorium (where Sam stopped to say a few words) and the gift shop (I love to shop anywhere. I bought a leopard-print scarf. Leopard...animals...nature...conservancy -- it's all connected. Just doing my part.)

After signing a few autographs :-), we left the auditorium and traveled upstairs past the restaurant to the Andersen Horticultural Library in the Snyder Building. Before yesterday, I had never seen this wonderful little Arboretum nook before. Sam is a book lover so I barely got him out of there in time to see the Meyers-Deats Conservatory. I know we will go back there again soon. Such a cool little place!

Finally, we got to the Conservatory. It was warm. Wonderful. Air was fresh. We were temporarily transported to the tropics. The light was perfect, the flowers were perfect, the company couldn't have been better. Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves... 

After some time breathing it all in, we left. Below is a picture of Sam walking up the hallway connecting Snyder and Oswald in hot pursuit of snacks at the restaurant. I guess a guy can only appreciate flowers for so long.

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