Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazy Random Things I Remember About High School (2.03.2012)

I attended Our Lady of Lourdes High School (OLL) in Poughkeepsie, New York. Many things have changed about the high school since then, but no one can take these tender (and very random) memories away from me:

1. I remember Judy Salerno who had a locker next to me when I was a freshman. She was a junior and had hair down to her waist. She was a hippie. She actually talked to me on Day One. I thought she was just about the coolest person ever. I'm sure she still is.

2. I remember having this crazy brown fringed jacket that was my winter coat one year. I wore it with my uniform and I thought I was da bomb.

Barbie Modeling the
OLL Summer Uniform
3. When I was a freshman, I remember having a boyfriend named "BoBo" (Steve) who went to Poughkeepsie High School. I would go meet him every day after school for the whole three weeks he was my boyfriend. I remember going over there one day after school wearing the OLL summer uniform. He took one look at me and said: "Please don't ever wear that again". Many of you will recall the summer uniform: a pink, yellow or blue shirtwaist with buttons down the front and a lovely gathered skirt. I think Doris Day wore it in several of her movies.

4. I remember that Kerry Shaw Greenland always looked so cool in the OLL uniform. She had this way of rolling up the sleeves that I thought was totally boss. You rocked it, Kerry!

5. I remember being obsessed with shoes in high school. I think that's where my shoe obsession started. We had to wear uniforms so shoes became a major way to express our individuality (as long as they were navy blue or black oxfords).

6. Speaking of shoes, I remember having this cool pair of navy blue shoes that I had worn out in kind of a funny way but I kept wearing them. One day, I caught the funny worn part coming down the stairs and cascaded down the stairwell. As if that wasn't bad enough, I have a very distinct memory of my uniform skirt literally flying over my head as I fell down the stairs in front of like 100 people.

7. I remember when I was a senior, I unknowingly stumbled into a group of friends eating lunch outside who were also smoking pot. I said hello, looked around, felt that funny feeling in my stomach and said "Buh-Bye" just as quickly and walked away. Literally, two minutes later they were busted. Whew! No wonder I eat lunch at my desk all the time.

8. I remember getting up in front of the room one day and doing a standup routine which imitated our little 98-year old Latin teacher who drew scribbles across the entire blackboard while she taught. It must have been a good imitation because everyone laughed like crazy and the nun in charge of the class got very emotional. It's such a weird memory because I wasn't the class clown or someone to put myself out there like that. I do remember the laughter was pretty intoxicating -- and it probably got a laugh because it was so unexpected of me to do something like that.

9. I remember skipping school with Suzanne Russo when I was a freshman. We just both thought we were too cool for school and instead of going to school and learning something we went to the local public library, changed out of our school uniforms and then went to Poughkeepsie High School to hang out with the other dropouts. Cool! One day -- the second day we ever skipped -- we were seen by a station wagon full a nuns from St. Mary's, our grade school (No lie.). The car full of nuns saw us and wondered why sweet little Suzanne Russo and Denine Severino weren't in school. They immediately used the Nun Batphone to call the OLL nuns to send out the SWAT team. Busted! This went on my permanent record and is one reason I am a writer instead of the first female President of the United States.

10. I remember that after getting busted for cutting school and dragged to the principal's office, I was scared straight for the next four years.  

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