Thursday, February 2, 2012

Farewell Phenylalanine*! (2.02.2012)

This is the week. And yesterday was the day. I gave it up cold turkey. No more icy cold Diet Cokes for me. No more incredible flavor burn as I twist off the cap and download my favorite brown beverage. (Why did I do this again???)

After a few weeks of feeling like my energy was zapped and knowing that I had tried to counter that feeling by downloading more and more Diet Coke (caffeine anyone???), I gave it up. In a bold stroke of genius, I have replaced the DCs with some sparkling orange water ("H2Oh!"), which is actually pretty fabulous tasting. So maybe there is hope.

So far so good. I am having the occasional Diet Coke sense memory flashbacks of that fabulous taste. But otherwise, it's not too bad. Until I get used to the change, I think my new addiction may be Tylenol (headaches...). It's all good, right?

*Phenylalanine is a major ingredient used in Aspartame, a key sweetening agent used in Diet Coke.

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