Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Geek Love (2.22.2012)

My poor little laptop had to go to the Geek Squad last week. It was very scary.
When I took it in and explained what was wrong, the Geek Squad guy said, "Hmm." Then he started using really scary words like "motherboard" and "busted hard drive" and "two to three weeks" which made me see cash flying out of my wallet despite the fact that I had purchased Geek Squad Tech Support when I bought the laptop.

My poor little laptop was gone for three days.
If it hadn't been for borrowing Sam's laptop, it would have been a trip to Hazelden for me.

When I admitted to Sam that I was using his laptop, he asked me, "Where is my laptop now?" "It is on my lap," I replied. He wasn't too happy that I had touched his stuff but he is a generous child. He said, "No problem."

It also made him happy when he learned that he could now use Netflix on his laptop to see movies. "Cool", he said. Who said bribes don't work?

When the Geek Squad called me to tell me my laptop was fixed, I was surprised. I asked them what was wrong with it. They said they found 179 viruses on my laptop -- gulp -- and they managed to eliminate them all. I was even more surprised that it didn't cost me a penny.

I am glad that my laptop is no longer sick. I like my little laptop, and even though I doubted it for a while (and regretted having bought it just because it was white), it has come through for me. And as geeky as this sounds, so has the Geek Squad. Yea!

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  1. AUTHOR'S NOTE: I just got the nicest email from my friends at GS!

    Hi Denine, great story that makes what we do as Agents worth it. :)

    Don't forget that since you have a Geek Squad Tech Support subscription, you're not only covered for in-store work, but also remote support assistance through 1-800 GEEK SQUAD or http://​ as well. Your GSTS subscription also covers up to 3 PCs.

    That means that as long as the computer can connect to the Internet, our Online Support Agents can often diagnose software issues like viruses remotely and make repairs 24/7 without you needing to bring those laptops in!

    Feel free to connect to us any time under that unlimited GSTS support plan for software installs, troubleshooting, PC tune-ups and virus issues. And thanks for making our day with your blog post!

    ~ Agent Derek

    12 hours ago