Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just-One-Disaster Truffle Cake (2.25.2012)

Sometimes people think I exaggerate when I say I don't cook. Or bake. But recently, I have really been enjoying it (see Candy Apple Red Love, 2.14.2012).  But let me tell you more about my experience making this easy-peasy truffle cake (out of a lovely box) and maybe you'll see why I have a complex. Or maybe, I just don't have much luck in the kitchen. Maybe I need to cook, bake, fry, broil while holding a rabbit's foot. So anyway, here's my story:

Step 1: Couldn't be simpler.

Step 2: Throw it in a bowl.
This is an action shot...
Step 3: Grab the Rabbit's Foot.
Random Bunny with Feet
In order to make this cake, I bought new cake pans. The kind that have the removeable sides (springform?) I poured the batter into the pan and then settled the pan on the center rack in the oven. I closed the door and a few minutes later...I heard a sizzley kind of noise. Sizzle? Did I just put bacon in the oven? There's that sound again. Hmmm. I open the door and see a puddle of batter forming on the bottom of the oven. I appear to be the new owner of a leaky cake pan.
Gooey mess from leaky pan.
Spatula is holding the fried batter from the bottom of the stove.

Step 4: Clean up hideous mess. Proceed.
I had to take the pan out of the oven, pour it into a new super-cheap aluminum cake pan, and scrape the batter off the bottom of the oven. Fun! Do I at least get a Girl Scout badge for this?

Random Cooking Story for Your Enjoyment:
The last time I used one of those removeable-sides-type pans was years ago. I was making a flourless chocolate torte. I poured the batter in the pan and opened the over door. My now ex-husband walked into the kitchen at the same moment that I picked up the cake pan -- and the entire bottom fell out. Flourless chocolate torte all over kitchen and creation. We laughed so hard. Now the legend continues. (So maybe this is an implement-specific type of bad luck?)

Step 5: Fun and Uneventful.
Cake comes out of the oven and cools. No sizzle sounds. I even get it situated on a plate, make the ganache, and feel like a total pro. It looks and tastes like something I would order in a restaurant and even Sam says, "Wow." Hoping this means my kitchen karma with the cake pan thing is all paid-up.
I know this looks a little like a hamburger because I lost some of the batter
when I had that leaky pan thing. But I swear it's chocolate and nummy-tasting.

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