Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Girl Crush: Pioneer Woman

I have a girl crush on Ree Drummond. This is really embarassing but true. It's not a creepy crush or anything like that. Not like say SwimFan or something, but it's a crush (or what I perfer to call a crunch) nonetheless. I think the basis of the crunch is that Ree has this wildly romantic life, full of horses and guys who wear cowboy hats and living on a ranch kind of life. She uses butter and sugar when she cooks, and oodles of caramel when she makes Knock You Naked Brownies ( I'm warning you now: don't invite me to any potlucks unless I can bring dessert because I am going to make those damn brownies!

What a wildly attractive life! Ree may or may not see it that way, but I certainly do. Me of full-time, Sweet n' Low, Lean Cuisine, corporate cube-land. I tuned in to her show last week largely by accident. She was immediately likeable, normal, not blonde. She was upbeat but not so peppy  that I felt depressed by comparison. Loved the show and got hooked on the web site which is really a style of blogging and living that I admire. I even sent her a fan letter.

Come to think of it, this is starting to sound kind of creepy.