Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Netflix. Pizza. Motherhood Awards (2.28.2012)

Yes, I even made the pizza dough.
Last Friday I took the day off. I didn't do much except relax and bake. Funny to say it but those two things are starting to become synonyms. Part of my new weekend tradition is to cook or bake at least one thing. This weekend it was a double header: chocolate torte and homemade pizza. Sam came home, saw the torte, and just said, "Wow". He didn't say much about the pizza, but he did finish it all.

Then he went upstairs and asked me to write down the word "Netflix" so he could Google it to watch movies. It was one of those funny things that happens with Sam -- or maybe with any 21 year old. I told him last week about signing up for Netflix and he sounded excited but sometimes it's hard to tell what's making an impression on him. He's polite and loving enough to humor me sometimes. But when he came in the house and said, "Write down Netflix for me..." I could tell I had made an impression on him.

I gave him a quick 411 on navigating the site and within seconds he was watching Morning Glory. "Diane Keeton", he said. Then the biggest moment of all. "You a good Mommy," he said. I laughed and gave him a hug. Movie stars have the Oscars. I have Sam. And I wouldn't change that for anything. 

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