Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Menu: Ribs (2.11.2012)

Ribs. Ya gotta love 'em. They are messy and filling and easy to make. And they are Sam's favorite. I gave him a few choices last week and we decided that ribs would be number one on the weekend menu. Here's how I did it: 

1. Find recipe on
Load into iPhone. 
(You just never know where you'll be
when the urge to make ribs strikes you.)

2. Prepare ribs by pre-baking. Follow recipe.
Be sure to worry about every step
or they won't turn out right.

3. Viola! Pre-baking done.
(Don't you just love the potholder?)

4. Prepare the barbecue sauce.
Once again, be sure to worry about every step in the process. If your kitchen counter looks like this, you are probably on the right track.

5. Take the whole mess of ribs and sauce
and wedge it in the crockpot.
Remember to leave out the lens cap and the iPhone.

6. While ribs are cooking, make Sam lunch:  whole wheat spaghetti with lemon-infused olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese, and a lovely side dish of sweet potato fries.(Not even kidding. This morning I was badgering him about how he must eat something for breakfast. So he did. Three hours after breakfast, he came into the kitchen looking like a man in search of his last meal.) 

7. Take Sam to The Arboretum(
and Target while ribs continue to cook.

8. Come back and dinner is done. Watch big cheesy smile on Sam's face as he devours.
Wait! Make that big cheesy smile on my face because I ate dinner first and it was great.

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