Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Well-Dressed vs. Naked Refrigerator (2.09.2012)

I have too much stuff on my fridge,
but what I have is prime.
Here are a few of the things that
have been on my fridge for a while.
I hope you enjoy the tour.

I have a bunch of magnets that encourage me.

Or that seem to hit upon the truth...

I have pictures of Sam...

and pictures of me and Sam.
(This is my favorite photo of all time: Halloween night when Sam and I were handcuffed together the whole night going house to house...)

and important remembrances
that I want to keep...

And even though he completely ignores it, I always need to keep a copy of The Kitty Cat Rules posted
for Sam to see...

I think this might be the weekend to go for the naked refrigerator look. I'll see how long I can take it before I start putting a bunch of stuff on it.

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