Monday, March 5, 2012

Eileen's Desk (3.5.2012)

My Friend, Eileen. She is much more in focus in person.
I was having a funny kind of writer's block on Sunday night. The kind that makes you think that you are all tapped out and that you have said everything you could ever want to say, past, present and pluperfect. I went to sleep thinking I would never have another original thought in my head. And then when I woke up on Monday morning, inspiration: I would write about Eileen's desk!

Eileen is a very good friend of mine who is well know for her rather spectacular and creative cube decoration. It is both understated and hilariously over-the-top all at the same time.

Ken and The Beast
For example, when we worked together several years ago, our department relied on this one printer that was completely unreliable. It would smell your apprehension as you approached it to print a proposal on deadline or a content draft for a career-altering meeting that you had to go to in five minutes. I'm pretty sure that it was Eileen who nicknamed it The Beast. So when I moved on to another role a few years later, Eileen left me with this little group portrait which includes The Beast and one of the desk accessories I admired most: Ken.

So all this is going through my head this morning: the writer's block, Eileen's desk and of course, Ken -- because I know the combination of Ken and Eileen will inspire me. I could barely wait until I got to my desk to IM her. I brought my good camera with me and instant messaged Ei to see when I could come down and take a few pictures. 

Eileen and The Naked Desk

After IM-ing for a bit, I went down to her desk right away instead of waiting until lunch time. When I got there, Eileen and I just looked at each other like, "Dude, WTF?" It seems that today was the day she was moving across the street to a new building. She had packed up her desk and all her belongings over the weekend. We both couldn't figure out which was more disorienting: her naked desk, or the fact that this was the morning I had been so determined to photograph it. Weird. Like I had sensed a shift in the Ken force-field.

Ken & Friends in temporary hibernation.
Eileen was good enough to open up the packing box and wake up Ken and his friends. There they were nestled within the papers and the awards and all the other things that made her desk so fun.

It was very sad to see all of Eileen's things packed up and ready to go. Even stranger to look at the empty cube and realize that without Eileen there (and Ken)'s just a cube.

I know Eileen and Ken will be happy wherever they go because that's the kind of people they are. And when they get resettled, I'll come visit with my camera and document their new home. And maybe I'll bring a little gift for Ken so he can drive across the street and visit us when Eileen is busy working. 

Happy Cube-Warming, Guys! We'll miss you!

Ken and Barbie "My Cool Mini-Cooper"


  1. And after.. did the block you were suffering melt away? I suppose since you are doing the nablopomp this month writer's block is not allowed. Best with keeping up with daily posts.

    1. Thanks, Brenda. I got through it. It must have been a case of realizing what I had committed to: temporary brain freeze. Yikes. Thanks for your kind thoughts...:-)