Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Guthrie, Rainbows and I Love New York (3.10.2012)

Last night Sam and I went to The Guthrie Theatre to see Tracie Bennett in End of the Rainbow. And this blog was supposed to be about how much I love going to The Guthrie, and how much fun it was to show it to Sam for the first time. All that is still true. We had a fabulous time. I must have said to Sam about 20 times, "Oh my God, I just love being here."

It reminded me of how I felt about Lincoln Center when I lived in New York, which I did for about 18 years. I would do just about anything to end up in that part of the city and as near as possible to the Lincoln Center force-field. Ask people who knew me at that time (like my poor, sainted, ex-husband) and he will recount to you the many dinners he suffered through while trying to balance his main course on a tray-sized table, situated outdoors over a subway grate, at a little restaurant across from Lincoln Center. I remember one time when we were still in the "we are both perfect" dating phase when he finally lost it after paying $18.00 for a hamburger and $7.00 for a beer while our table wobbled over the subway grate and the exhaust fumes from the traffic wafted in our direction as a kind of city digestif.

And that my friends, is what this story is really about. It is about seeing this photo of the End of the Rainbow marquee going up at the Belasco Theatre on West 44th Street and having my heart hurt because I miss New York so much. I don't miss it every day, and I am smart enough to know that I have changed and the city has changed in the 16 years since I made it my home.    
Sam on the escalator to heaven at The Guthrie
In those 16 years, I have gone back to New York to visit as often as it has been practical, but not often enough. And I am getting very, very close to planning a New York theatre trip and bringing Sam with me. Truth is, he would probably behave better on the plane than I would. We talked about that last night and he was completely cool with the idea. For my part -- (and as I remarked to him): "I still think of you as that little kid who hit someone in the head by throwing a box of raisins backwards over your head the last time you were on a plane." I will just need to get over that and book the tickets. Now that Spiderman is finally out of previews, that might be a good first show.

Beware, New York. Here we come... 

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