Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Miss Tennis Camp! (3.27.12)

Tennis Camp - 2009
And I miss the slopes. And being able to run without wanting to hold onto the sides of the treadmill. I hate having to walk on ice like I'm 75 years old and should have a little friggin' button around my neck in case I fall. In short, I am damn tired of this torn ACL (left knee)and I'm getting it fixed on April 6th. No more Gumby Knee! Yea!

Torn ACL - 2010
For anyone who might have been paying attention to my life in the past 2-3 years, it's been a little complicated. I tore my ACL in a very dumb skiing accident in February 2010. You don't want to know: the first run of the first day of a one week ski vacation. I caught an edge, crossed my skis and it was all over. And I don't mind saying that I am a very good skier. (That's what they all say when they are sitting on their butt in the ski lodge with their third martini in their hand, on crutches.)

I was all set to get it repaired and then three weeks later I got diagnosed with breast cancer. Good Lord. So one surgery got replaced with another. And well, you probably know the rest.
My Orthopod
My orthopedic surgeon (who is so good-looking it's almost completely ridiculous), is going to perform arthroscopic surgery on my knee and will even be adding a piece of cadaver to repair the tear. How cool is that? I only wish I got to pick the cadaver he pulled it from. A friend of mine reminded me today that Andre Agassi is still alive, so that's not going to be an option.

But honestly, at this point, I would just be happy to get back to the normal Activities of Daily Living without feeling like I have fragile knee syndrome. As long as the good-looking orthopod sews me back together, I'm good. I'm really good.

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