Thursday, March 15, 2012

Move It or Lose It (3.15.2012)

On Monday, the national Move It or Lose It program kicks-off and I will be participating. Apparently this is the brainchild of Dr. Oz who I am kind of vaguely aware of -- his reputation and his TV show. The company I work for always makes a big push in the spring to provide employees with organized opportunities to improve their health. This particular one seems to be pretty cool -- and has some neat interfaces for participants to interact with trainers, health experts and each other. I'm actually kind of excited about it!

In preparation for the big Monday start, I've been trying to mentally prepare myself (like going into and doing what I do best: 1) blogging about small changes I can make each day to make a healthier me; and 2) trying to put healthier food in my mouth when I decide to eat. Below are some of the things I did to get ready for next week...

Health Action #1: Take the Stairs. So here's what I did DIFFERENTLY today to get myself healthier: I started taking the stairs. Shocking. I have a friend who rides his bike 11.3 miles to work when weather permits. He said his goal was to ride his bike to work MORE than he drives his car in the course of a year. Hmmm... Interesting. It made me think about a similar goal: using the stairs MORE than I use an elevator. My office is on the 6th floor. I can only make it up to the 4th floor without needing an ambulance or making a scene (LOL), but I will get there! Good luck to all of us!

Health Action #2: Water. Today I made sure to STEAL a bottle of my son's flavored bottled water so I would have enough water to keep hydrated all day. The worst of my past hydration challenge is over: in February of this year I cured my Diet Coke addiction by going cold turkey. I have largely replaced DC with water, so now it's just about drinking more. Here's an embarassing fact: I am actually sore from taking the stairs yesterday. Embarassing or what! Wow, I'm in worse shape than I thought -- but I guess when you are using new muscles that's what happens. Not sure what muscles you use in an elevator??? But then, my fingers don't really need to tone up.

Health Action #3: Fitbit. Ok, so I went out and bought a Fitbit. It's a wireless activity tracker. Kind of a souped up version of a pedometer except that it will track your stair climbing, your sleep patterns, your steps -- and will also allow you to track nutrition, weight etc. It's pretty cool. And very small. I looked at a few other such devices but this seemed to be the simplest and most straightforward. I don't really need any flashing green lights to tell me that I have been active as opposed to PARKED at my desk all day.
Stay tuned!

If you're interested in finding out more the program, you can Google Move It or Lose It, or check out the central website at

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