Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Friend Rachel (3.6.2012)

This is my friend, Rachel. We got together tonight for drinks at CRAVE (St. Louis Park) with a bunch of friends. A reunion of our old team. We had the "eens": Kathleen, Eileen, and myself; and Diane, who left our merry little band to be home with her family. We have all worked together at one point or another. And because many of us have done the same job, function under the same stresses and strains, and know all the same crazy people, we have a bond. It's a great feeling.
My friend Rachel is hilarious. I know this photo makes her seem serious and all that, but she is truly funny and kind. When she worked on the 9th floor with me, she also had one of those cubes that was decorated with joy and energy. And after two glasses of wine, a California Roll and and a Negiri Yellowtail Roll, I told her a story about herself that I'm not sure she remembered (but which meant so much to me).

One day I came to work during the time when I was going through chemo. I won't even go into what that was like. Suffice to say that if I ended up at my desk each day generally on time and generally with clothes on, I was good to go. It was a difficult time. And what I remember that Rachel did -- and that I shall never forget -- is that one day she came over to see how I was doing. We talked and then she left. A few moments later, she IM'd me to say that she always noticed the littlest details about things and she noticed that I had a bunch of wool wrapped around the earrings I was wearing! I quickly pulled the strands of black wool away from my earrings and remembered the "fight" I had had earlier that morning with a knitted black scarf that should have never have invited into my house to begin with. Ugh.

What she said and the way she said it that was the essence of kindness. And as I said to my friends tonight, I was really grateful because at the time, I really needed all the help I could get. Some days, I still do. It was such a small gesture, but it didn't go unnoticed.

I'm sure there's a moral in here somewhere. And I'm sure it has something to do with kindness and small gestures and what a true friend does if you are walking around with broccoli in your teeth. But after two glasses of chardonnay, I'm way too tired to figure it out. I'm just glad that Rachel is my friend. (PS - Great to see you, Gurl!)

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