Saturday, March 17, 2012

Survivor Albertville: The Coach Sale (3.17.2012)

Today was a beautiful day. Weather in the 70s. Just gorgeous. In honor of the great weather, I de-cluttered my garage. That's a lie. It had nothing to do with the weather: Last night I saw a centipede with 700 legs near the garage door opener mounted on the wall and was apoplectic for about 20 minutes. Those are the major times when I wish I were married. Or had a boyfriend living upstairs with a gun. I am not much of a bug person as you can probably surmise.

After I cleaned up about 35 percent of the garage, I got cleaned myself up and headed off to one of my favorite places: Albertville. Albertville, MN is the home of the Albertville Premium Outlets. Lots of fun stores out there. They have a Coach Outlet which is one of my favorites. I've been shopping there so long, I'm a little blase about it. But it's still fun to find something cool at a great price whether you truly need it or not. Like the two items below that I had to have and couldn't live without.
As I was about to make the turn into the outlet shopping center today, I thought about what a Martian might think about all these people driving their cars to a huge place to acquire stuff, put stuff in their car, and then bring it home and put it in their house. When I got to the Coach store, this thought was even more prominent in my consciousness: there were so many people there for the St. Patrick's Day Sale, they had rope lines set-up outside the store.

Once I got inside, it was Coach bag monogram mayhem. There were several walls filled with bags marked "Additional 50% Off". Much jostling, much yelling back and forth in several languages, several men anchoring places in the checkout line with a forlorn, I'd-rather-be-watching-the-game look in their eye. A few Minnesota Nice elbow-checks to get at the best bags. 

As I was looking for a new wallet, I noticed a young woman in a wheelchair beside me. She was sitting there so quietly just a foot away from me. The look on her face said loud and clear that she anticipated being invisible in the crazy hubub of the sale. I think for that reason, I started talking to her. She was so delightful. She was about 25. She had speech very similar to Sam's and she was quiet and gracious. She had long red hair that was patchy at the top, as if she was losing it. Something about her -- her sweetness, shyness, her wheelchair-ness -- touched me. Her friend or caregiver moved her away after a few minutes but she stayed on my mind even after I left the store.

One of the things I always taught Sam is to demand answers to his questions. Any questions, because he deserves them. Sometimes that's a hard rule to live by because he'll drive me crazy too asking a million questions. But I'd rather have that than have him be ignored. And I guess that's what I worried about for that young woman. I worried that she was too comfortable being invisible. And as I left the store, I hoped she was there to find herself a great Coach purse. Something that would make her day just a little bit better. Because every woman, no matter who you are, enjoys a good deal.  

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