Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thinking and Doing. And Napping. (3.3.2012)

Weekends are typically for relaxing in whatever form that takes. Just like exercise, weekends can be comprised of active days or inactive, but necessary, rest days. I'm not sure what today was exactly.

Maybe it was a meditation day?

I did absolutely nothing today. It wasn't because I was tired because I actually felt pretty good. Like this morning, it was snowing outside for part of the day and that seemed to be a good excuse to hibernate (or was that meditate?).

Then at mid-day I thought about whether or not I should go to the Weissman Art Museum at the U of M. They have a few Roy Lichtenstein works in their collection. It's only been recently that I've realized how much I enjoy his work. (And you will see a lot of it here and there in my blog).

I thought about going to the Weissman. I even thought about it on Friday. But I didn't go.
Then by late afternoon, I got set on going to see The Artist. Despite the five Academy Awards, going to see The Artist just seemed like less fun than the doctor's appointment I had last Wednesday with my gynecologist. A good friend of mine convinced me that if I really needed to go, fate would lead me there eventually. Otherwise, it didn't make sense. I took his advice.

So after a few hours of torturing myself with Saturday plans that never realized their full potential in reality, I took a nap. Needing a nap must have been the result of all that furious thinking about what today would bring. And isn't it ironic that the one thing I didn't think of doing, was the best decision I made all day.

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