Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wearing Someone Else's Hair on Your Head: Part 2 (3.4.2012)

I did it.

I cut my hair short.
Me on my way to spin class this morning.
I actually washed my hair TWICE today.
It took a total of 10 minutes.

As one of my writing group buddies said,
"Why wear someone else's hairstyle on
YOUR head?*"

This comment made an impact on me.
Although I never met the woman whose hairstyle I had on my head, 
I knew a little about her:

- She never worried about being on time.
(Maybe she was independently wealthy?)

- She was naturally thin, so she never worried about
working out and having to deal with The Hair.

 - She was willing to spend 45 minutes every time she washed it.
Maybe she had people who did that for her.
Like a Real Housewife maybe?

On Wednesday all that changed.

And in a word, I am wildly happy that I found the
missing hairstyle that belongs to me.

*Special thanks to Amy McMunn Schindler (,
my real-life buddies and my GBE2 virtual buddies who lent their support during my hair dilemma. (See:


  1. Oh, that looks GREAT! I stopped wearing someone else's hair about a year ago now and afterward wondered what took me so long.

  2. Yes. Totally! Makes life so much SIMPLER...:-)

  3. You look adorable. What a great style.

  4. hi, you always looked beautiful. wanted to say hi again. nyc.

  5. Hi Anon - I appreciate the kind words and dig having an anonymous admirer