Monday, April 16, 2012

"N" is for News. And Nausea (4.16.2012)

Sorry, don't mean this to be a downer post. I meant this to be a very intelligent post about the number of Pulitzer Prizes won by The New York Times (106). They've been really busy because when I worked in their New York Marketing Department back in the '80's, they were only up to around 56 Pulitzers.

Anyway, The Philadelphia Inquirer won the Public Service Pulitzer for "its exploration of pervasive violence in the city’s schools, using powerful print narratives and videos to illuminate crimes committed by children against children and to stir reforms to improve safety for teachers and students."

The two other finalists in this category included The Miami Herald "for its exposure of deadly abuses and lax state oversight in Florida’s assisted-living facilities for the elderly and mentally ill that resulted in the closure of dangerous homes, punishment of violators and creation of tougher laws and regulations."

And then this is the part that made me nauseous: 

The New York Times was a Pulitzer finalist for 
"the work of Danny Hakim and Russ Buettner that revealed rapes, beatings and more than 1,200 unexplained deaths over the past decade of developmentally disabled people in New York State group homes, leading to removal of two top officials, movement to fire 130 employees and passage of remedial laws."

These are stories that I am so sorry to have to acknowledge as being a reality somewhere in the world. However, it is the third story that just gets me. It is the reason I want to live to be 150 so I can smash anyone that tries to mess with Sam. I am glad The New York Times' work was recognized in this category, but truly wish there were no such stories like this one for anyone to report on.

Today is Sam's 22nd birthday and I will think about reality tomorrow. For now, I am just going to say la-la-la and go back to my happy place.

Once again: Thank You, New York Times.

P.S. - Never one to be a shrinking violet, I think my comment in The Times pretty much says it all:

 Link to The Times story:
The Times and New Media Outlets Win Pulitzers
Author's Note: In the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The idea is to blog about something every day, starting with the first letter in the alphabet ("A") and continuing through all 26 letters (to "Z"). (We get Sundays off for good behavior.) In order to make this fun and challenging, I've decided to theme my A to Z blogging. Here's the plan: since I love reading The New York Times, and since I always find no shortage of frightfully interesting stories, I am going to center my blog on the stories I find in The Times. One thing I promise: an A to Z ride through The Times as diverse as the Gray Lady herself. Hang on for some fun. Or as Kevin said in Home Alone (one of my favorite lines),
 "I think I'll give it a whirl..."


  1. The NY Times is the only paper I read. for over 20 years. When I was single and in NYC, I loved my Sunday's in diners reading it. Now with kids it would pile up so I've resorted to it on the kindle. But the cheapo simple black and white one and I do actually get it read!

  2. Wow. That's really sobering. I'm glad people are investigating these things and it's leading to change, but wow. That's so depressing.

    1. Yeah -- Agree. I didn't want to be a downer but it was an honest reaction to a story that hit too close to home. I guess blogging has to be about the good and bad sometimes...

  3. Interesting facts I was unaware of. I am a new follower from the A to Z challenge. I really like your blog and will be back after the challenge. I have a suggestion for you and I hope you do not take it the wrong way (not meaning to intrude-really), but it would be a good idea if you moved your Google Friend Connect (your followers) higher up on your blog sidebar, as close to the top as possible. I almost did not see it because it has been pushed to the bottom of your sidebar. I am glad I found it so I can follow your blog and I imagine a lot of people are missing out because they don't see it.

    1. Thanks Melissa! That's a great idea and I appreciate the feedback. I'm on it! Nice to meet you through A to Z :-)...

  4. The news is often nauseating, but this is so very distressing. But you're right--blogging should be about the good and the bad, just like life.