Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"P" is for The Art of Pillow-Fort Design. (I couldn't resist).

Only The New York Times would do a story with two jump-pages on the joys of constructing pillow forts and practical tips. (I see a Pillow Forts of The TimesPart 2 of The New York Times Magazine somewhere on a saavy editor's desk right now.) And only in The Times would they consult an architect and a civil engineer about building pillow forts, and then suggest that pillow forts provide a great opportunity to discuss "tension and compression" with your kids. You just gotta love The Times.

Of course, your kids may have their own ideas
about this subject, as well they should:

“We just did it our way, and our way was the right way, and it always turned out right,” Benjamin said, adding of the adults:
“I guess we didn’t need them.” 

 One of my favorite passages in the story comes at the very end:

"Remember, it’s the children’s space, not yours.
Tether your sheets and blankets securely,
but try not to get too attached yourself."

(Aw shucks. Whyyyyyyyyyyy can't I play too?)

Take a look at some of these photos and see if the urge to re-modulate your modular sofa with the addition of a few old Pratesi sheets and cashmere blankets doesn't grab hold. Remember: Easter and Passover are in the past and Thanksgiving isn't until November. Might as well let your kids put that dining room table to good use.

Whether you consult an architect or your 7 year-old,

The perfect solution for all those extra decorative bed pillows! 

Who wouldn't enjoy a cozy nook?
Add a DVD player or a small TV and before you know it,
you might find The Nook has gone Co-op.

Link to The Times story:
And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, Again:
Lessons in the Art of Pillow-Fort Construction


Author's Note: In the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The idea is to blog about something every day, starting with the first letter in the alphabet ("A") and continuing through all 26 letters (to "Z"). (We get Sundays off for good behavior.) In order to make this fun and challenging, I've decided to theme my A to Z blogging. Here's the plan: since I love reading The New York Times, and since I always find no shortage of frightfully interesting stories, I am going to center my blog on the stories I find in The Times. One thing I promise: an A to Z ride through The Times as diverse as the Gray Lady herself. Hang on for some fun. Or as Kevin said in Home Alone (one of my favorite lines),
 "I think I'll give it a whirl..."


  1. Those are fun times still in our house when the kids come to stay! Love it. ♥

  2. I may do this with Sam the next time he comes over! :-)

  3. I have so many memories of pillow forts! Great post.

  4. Ha, what fun! I have played with the great grands using pillows in the floor. You should see Grammy in the floor with them. :) Nothing like it.
    Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

  5. Ruby - My son used to call my Mom "Grammy". Just seeing your name brought back the warm Grammy-feelings. Thanks!