Sunday, April 22, 2012

"T" is for Times Style and Tom Bull. (4.23.2012)

As I was stumbling through The New York Times, I came across the video blog section related to New York Fashion Week (September 2011). The Times' video diary series on the new "it" model on the scene, Tom Bull, caught my attention. Tom is an Aussie from Perth who made a name for himself last spring by opening the show and the finale of the Perry Ellis Men's show, and being part of several high profile campaigns such as Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic.

It's a funny thing looking at a top male model in clothes. One of the things that strikes you is that they were meant to wear clothes, unlike most humans. They are built, understandably, like lean, toned race horses. A different breed entirely.

The other striking thing is that they seem to blend. My brain can logically acknowledge that they are attractive, but not so attractive that they distract from what they're wearing. This might be the case for female models, but I look at them differently. And that is one long story that most women can relate to. 

Tom got to be my "T" today (lucky Tom!) because I began watching several of the New York Fashion Week behind-the-scenes videos. I just found the behind-the-scenes fascinating. Not a glimpse into the world of modeling I am ever likely to see. We've all seen models on America's Next Pretend Top Model going on "go-sees" and getting rejected. But here is someone going on go-sees and booking major international campaigns and shows. Looking at someone like Tom Bull, you can see why a major brand might want to be associated with his "look". Indeed, a different breed. 

Tom's video diary includes a few standard issue model subjects: casting, eating healthy, a fitting, a show and a conversation about his "look" (the beard). It's all discussed in a disproportionately casual way but it's clear that this week-long diary provides a glimpse into big time, modeling -- where appearance, style and facade are everything. No "do-overs" allowed.

Tom Bull is far right. For those of you who are regulars,
 please note: Karen Elson (far right), Jack White's soon-to-be ex-wife.
Just a note about the video diaries: they are very short, informal and entertaining. Also, if the hubs or significant other doesn't have rippling abs, you might want to take a look for the purposes of the old memory bank.

Here is the link to 
The New York Times Magazine's Men Style 
New York Fashion Week Video Diaries for Tom Bull:

September 8, 2011
Tom on Casting

September 10, 2011
Tom on Eating Healthy

September 12, 2011
Tom at the Marithé + François Girbaud Fitting

September 15, 2011
Tom Opening Perry Ellis Show 

September 16, 2011
Tom on 'Why The Beard?'


  1. Another enjoyable read, Denine. I'm not a big fan of the beard, but considering the rest of him, I'll make some allowances :)

    1. Thanks Megan! LOL. I agree. Not big on the lumberjack look, but somehow he makes it work...:-)

  2. Not keen on the beard but he has nice eyes!

  3. Very interesting post! Tom is a pretty good looking guy and as with most models, he probably carries himself well. (I'm sure he's got that "swagger.") lol