Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Y" is for Yellow. Cool! (4.28.2012)

Not sure about this color.
It might look like
Beetlejuice on.
Nails are in the news. Yellow ones that is. And green. Of course, we've all seen the intricate patterned nail styles which I'll admit that I haven't yet tried.
I would totally wear this!
I am always on the lookout for fun, fresh nail colors almost as frequently as I am on the lookout for shoes and lip gloss. Since I get my nails done every two weeks (Gel!) and keep them very short, I have more than enough opportunity to try out new shades. And for some reason, I still have the soul of a 12-year-old girl when it comes to nail polish. These new shades are pretty subtle though, and will keep me away from my natural attraction to shiny, sparkly, blingy nails. 
Love this.
Wore it last week.
Other colors that I've seen that I might be willing to try are Lemonade, Green With Envy, Here Comes Trouble, Green Apple, Happy Go Lucky and Frisky by Orly. And if you are anything like me, these are well considered choices having to do with the season, my mood and my general level of boredom. And some people think it's just so easy being a woman.
Link to The Times stories:
Yellow and Green Nail Shades for Spring

No Nail Biting as Polishes Boom
Once Staid, Nail Polish Becomes Fashion Accessory

Author's Note: In the month of April, I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The idea is to blog about something every day, starting with the first letter in the alphabet ("A") and continuing through all 26 letters (to "Z"). We get Sundays off for good behavior. In order to make this fun and challenging, I've decided to theme my A to Z blogging. Here's the plan: since I love reading The New York Times, and since I always find no shortage of frightfully interesting stories, I am going to center my blog on the stories I find in The Times. One thing I promise: an A to Z ride through The Times as diverse as the Gray Lady herself. Hang on for some fun. Or as Kevin said in Home Alone (one of my favorite lines), "I think I'll give it a whirl..."


  1. My nails just don't last any more. But I love the green one, I sell Avon and they have all these colours as well as the cover polish to make intricate patterns.

  2. These are fun colors but I don't think I could ever pull it off. I prefer wearing more natural colors if any at all. I am lazy most of the time and have naked nails :0

  3. Stop by to see the list of my 26 favorite blogs from the challenge. Yours is on it.

    1. That is so cool! Thank you!!! I am honored...:-)

  4. Unconventional nail colors can be so fun. I like shimmery shades of blue- they remind me of the ocean and the sky on a nice summer day.