Monday, May 14, 2012

Dinner, Funny Faces, Prom and Gomez.

 One of the ways that Sam and I "play" is to go see plays and musicals.
We saw The Addams Family on Saturday night at The Ordway.
It was verrry cool. The perfect evening.

First, we had dinner at The St. Paul Grill. 
Food was beyond words, as was my handsome son.
Sam ordered the Sea Bass and I wondered
when he stopped eating fish sticks and became a sophisticate.

No Worries: This is Root Beer, not Guinness.
After dinner we crossed through the park in Landmark Square.
It was the most beautiful, warm, breezy evening.
We sat on a bench and watched the world go by...


 And we did a few pictures, including a "1,2,3 Funny Face" photo*
*Special thanks to Janet and Maggie for the inspiration on this one!

We saw lots of girl-women in flowy gowns having 
pre-prom photos taken with their dates.
Sam said, "What's a prom?"
I explained it to him and felt a little bad 
that he never experienced one. 
And then I thought about my own prom.
And I realized that he didn't really care about proms,
he just cared about having a hot date.