Monday, May 21, 2012

Just Dance Like An Idiot 3

About a week ago I bought a Wii console for the third time. I bought the first Wii for Sam a few years ago so he could play Wii Bowling at the group home with the other guys. Then I saw how much fun it was and I bought one for myself (#2). I used to play all of the Wii Sports games like tennis, bowling, boxing. I even have a Wii Ski game. Anyway, for a long, long time, Sam was never interested in the Wii at my house because he was too busy playing his Sega, SuperNintendo, Playstation, GameCube, Nintendo DS and PS3. Then one day -- I'm not even really sure why -- it was the only thing he wanted to play.

One day he came home for the weekend and asked me if he could put my Wii in his room. I knew what that meant. But it was fine because at that point, I wasn't using it much and he was kind enough to let me keep the Wii balance board. I mention this story just so I can illustrate my redeeming qualities as a mother. I don't want anyone to think I just walk around all day telling Sam, "Screw you!"

So about two weeks ago, after my physical therapy team told me that I couldn't play tennis for about five months, skiing was out until December, and running was probably a month or two away, I decided to go virtual. I bought myself another Wii and a Just Dance 3 game. Am I the last person on earth to try this hilariously fun way to get off the sofa?

This is just about the most fun a person can have by themselves. If you haven't tried it, here's how it works: you pick the song, watch the screen and follow-along with dance moves set to music by Lenny Kravitz, Katy Perry, Van Halen and others. There’s even some disco music so my bad self can pretend I’m back in the 80’s. 

One of the best things about this kind of workout – for me at least – is that time flies while I’m dancing around my living room. Twenty minutes on the treadmill feels like an eternity. Twenty minutes of Just Dance goes by in a flash and super-challenges me aerobically (even though I am being careful with The Knee.)

The first time I tried it, I know I was completely hopeless but I was moving so much and laughing so hard, I got a great workout. I am actually getting better at it, but I’m convinced I still look ridiculous. I have provided the video below just to prove my point.

Swear to God, I look just like this.
But I'm going to keep doing it anyway.


  1. Look at Dancing with the Stars, they all say how fit they are and how much weight they have lost.

  2. You are so encouraging! OK -- I will and I will keep on stomping around!

  3. Ooh! Sounds like a huge amount of fun.

  4. Sending you the One Lovely Blog Award, check my Saturday blog.

    1. Jo! Thar's so sweet! Thank you!!! My first award! Wow! I am up in Duluth with Sam but cant wait to get home and post my award badge-- cool!