Friday, May 11, 2012

Stuff I Did in the Past Few Day and Random Stories

Wintergreen Feet
1. Yesterday afternoon was mani-pedi maintenance. Same color on hands and feet (see matchy-matchy). I couldn't figure out what this color reminded me of and then I realized: it's a lot like toothpaste meets mint-chocolate-chip ice cream without the chocolate chips.

2. I took a picture of the cat. (I have two cats, my lifetime limit.) I'm a middle-aged woman. I'm supposed to do things like take pictures of my cat. I won't put it in my wallet or anything though. (Random Story #1: My son once had a  mean school social worker. She finally lost it one day at an IEP meeting. Her face got all red and puffy and she blurted out, "We don't want Sam at our school!" That is not a remark you ever forget, especially coming from a social worker at a school where you send your vulnerable child every day.

The One, The Only: Ginger-Peach
The other thing I remember about her is that she was the only person in the school that year who had a yearbook picture taken with the school's therapy dog. To me that just explained every possible thing that I needed to know about her. She should have had a bumper sticker on her forehead that said, "I Love Dogs! I Just Don't Like Humans Very Much." 

3. I called 1-800-Got-Junk and made plans to clean out my mother's storage locker on Saturday. Whoops. I reconsidered and decided that Mother's Day weekend was probably not the best time to do this and rescheduled it for next weekend. 

Sam's Favorite Actress
4. Occasionally I get unsolicited requests for Sam Stories which tend to be overall day brighteners. Here's your Sam Story for the week: One of Sam's favorite actresses, one that he thinks is super-hot, is Reese Witherspoon. But he doesn't call her that. He refers to her as "Reeses Witherspoon". It always makes me laugh.

5. Sam and I are off to The Ordway on Saturday to see The Addams Family. We bought these tickets forever-ago and he's never been to The Ordway in St. Paul. He will just love exploring it and will probably make me walk up every flight to "see it" even though we have seats so close to the stage I feel like I'd better study my lines. 

Pre-theatre, we are having dinner at The St. Paul Grill, where Sam's Dad always reminds me to remind Sam not to order a $58 porterhouse when the $32 one will do. (Random Story #2: The last time I did a St. Paul Grill-Ordway double-header was with Hadley a year or so back. As I recall, we "split" a few martinis and almost had trouble finding our way across the street. We sobered up during the opera which all things considered, was not a bad place to wake up.)

That's all I can think of right now. 


  1. Saturday would have been OK seeing how Sunday is Mother's Day. :)

    1. Point taken! I have edited myself into correctness...:-) xoxo

  2. Got Junk are damned expensive though. I called them to remove an old couch. Could have bought a new one for the price they wanted.

  3. I miss our martinis and culture nights!

    And good for you for moving forward with removing Toby's stuff. It's hard to do but it's cathartic and worthwhile.

    Miss you!

    x Hadley