Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Save The Dad Cakes!

 I went shopping last night and couldn't help but notice these
poor orphaned Dad cakes. It was so sad!
If you notice, the cakes are even themed: 
Fishing Dad and Terrific Dad.
I wondered which Dads belonged to these cakes.

Maybe this was not a year for Fishing Dads or 
Generally Terrific Dads.

I thought about how they could be re-purposed. 
Like maybe you could turn the last "D" into an "N" and celebrate Terrific DAN.
(That is, if you know any Dans that are terrific. 
I don't know any Dans, terrific or otherwise.)
"DAR" is another possibility. Anyone know any Terrific Dars? (Darla, Darlene...Hey, I know: Darnell!)

But I don't think my dear friend Darnell is into fishing so we just have to celebrate her as generally terrific 
(with a cake that is 50 percent off.)

Or we  could take off the two "Ds" and add a plus sign for "A+"--  perfect for a graduation party.

Or maybe I have too much time on my hands.

Poor little Dad cakes. I wonder what will become of them. 
You know how I get. I worry about these things.


  1. Who cares what they say, buy one and eat it.

  2. LOL. You make a good point. This is why we are friends!

  3. or Dar as in Daryl ... just sayin'