Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guest Blog: Theatre Love!

My wonderful friends at Hennepin Theatre Trust asked me to write a guest blog about my experience as a Trust donor during the past two years. This is the first time a donor has written a blog for them and I am appropriately humbled by the opportunity to tell my story (and of course, Sam’s story) as it relates to getting back to enjoying the performing arts. I owe special thanks to Helen Kouba, the Trusts’ Development Coordinator, for asking me to participate, and all the folks in the Public Relations and Marketing Departments for their great editing of the piece.

For any of you in the Mini-Apple area (yuk,yuk), I can’t say enough about what a great deal this is: culture-wise, supporting-the-arts-wise, and getting-great-seats-as-a-donor-wise. As a testament to this, Sam and I are seeing The Book of Mormon this Saturday with great seats and even greater expectations for this sold-out show. Here’s the link:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

talking in elevators

For those of you who just can't get enough of me, I have started a new blog at WordPress: talking in

My dear friend, "Joe" (yes, his real name), will understand the genesis of this title since it is a joke between us. I tend to be an elevator talker and Joe is not. However, when we worked in the same building that never stopped me from trying to chatter at his rather solid (stolid?) Lutheran self with all number of personal remarks and asides. I think poor Joe was even forced to exit the elevator several floors prior to his destination just to get away from me, although he would deny that.

For me, I guess it's a New York Italian thing. And for Joe, he claims it's a Minnesota Lutheran thing. In either case, I hope the chatter in talking in elevators will be the beginning of something which is why I am writing it in chapters (which is a definite conceit on my part). But you have to start somewhere. I hope that what I write about in talking in elevators will be as honest as I can be as a writer and still have friends and remain employed. Honesty comes naturally to me, but honest writing is sometimes more of a challenge. So maybe that is part of this journey. I just hope that at the end of the day, when the elevator doors close, I am writing from the heart. And not driving too many people to dash out at the next floor.